I just refreshed the design of this site for something more colorful. The theme was inspired by Hyde, a delightful Jekyll theme by @mdo.

I didn’t fork directly the Hyde project because I wanted to dive in the less code to experiment some new concepts. Basing my structure on something made by one of the creator of Bootstrap is a good way to learn ;)

The points I wanted to explore were mainly:

  • The media queries: how to adapt my layout and my design to the different devices.
  • The less code structure: how to organize my code.
  • The less mixins: how to create useful functions that can be reused across the stylesheets.

When I was learning how to do that, I found the Code Guide by @mdo. It contains a great amount of useful recommendations on how to write and organise your code. Check it out!

If you want to take a look at the code of this blog, you can find it on github.